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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - 5th Year Ending

Air Date: January 17, 2010

In this video I beat Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles during year 5 which is the first time during the game the final level and holy element (needed for the final area) becomes available. I take you through all three areas in Mount Vellenge, fight all three forms of the Meteor Parasite, Nest of memories, and both forms of the final boss Ream. I also did all this without any Game Boy Advanced or multiplayer help either, so my method is ideal for only a single player game, although it might work for the other scenarios too.

Since this is only the 5th year I did not have any ultimate weapons or armor available for me and had to make do with what I had. I went into the final dungeon with the best sword available at the time, the bastard sword. During the course of the dungeon I am to collect at least three total blizzard orbs to fuse to create blizzaga by the time I reached the boss. I had a blizzard ring so I only needed to come across two in my version. This was necessary for dealing with the Meteor parasite which had a different tactic to defeat verses Ream and the others. IU also made sure to get a life and cure orb to fuse together to caste haste for the Raem boss battle.

I have a couple tactics that I wanted to share as far as defeating the bosses. I came across each of these by accident and a pattern that was developed seemed to work pretty well. The tactics are for anyone trying to complete the game without any multiplayer help or GBA connectivity.

Meteor Parasite

First Form

The first form of the parasite, which lasts for the first third of its life bar, involves a central target you need to aim for while two spell casting tentacles are positioned at either side of the boss. When you stay in the dead center of the boss area directly above the boss you will be in an area outside of the range of the flower’s spell attacks. The only thing you need to watch out for is the boss casting poison on your character and staying above it far enough to avoid its physical slash attack.

First of all equip some level three magic. I found blizzard works really well because it lingers for a while after it is cast just in case you miss the damage window slightly. Basically I hugged the upper wall until I heard the boss cast the spell. The spell is pretty slow when it is cast which gave me enough time to step out of its range by taking a couple steps to the south, but not getting within the range of the bosses physical attacks.

When I was out of the spells range I quickly charged the spell and targeted a blast directly down on the boss after he was done casting the spell, at this point he is vulnerable to damage. Then all you need to do is move back up and wait for him to cast another spell then repeat the process. This seemed to work pretty well and it simplified the battle only having to watch out for poison spells.

Second Form

After you whittle away the first third of its life bar the meteor parasite will change up its attacks. Basically wait at the bottom of the screen until the head pops back out of the shell. During this battle I still stayed in the middle of the battle area to avoid the right and left tentacle enemies along with their spell attacks.

When the head emerges from the shell go up to the point where you are just south of the two stalagmites and wait for the boss to do a flip with its head indicating it is about to cast a flare spell on your character. At this time run directly up to avoid the spell and position yourself within striking distance of the head. Swing your sword wildly and you will land a couple blows. When the boss does another flip run directly south just enough, in front of the stalagmites, to avoid the range of the fire spell and begin charging up your blizzaga spell.

After he is finished casting the spell release target you spell directly up at hid head and fire away to land a hit. After this wait for him to cast another spell at which time you will run back up to tag him with another melee sword strike. If at any time the head is withdrawn into the parasites shell-like body run directly south until you are at the south-most edge of the battle area. At this time wait until the shell sends out two blasts and then you can safely return to the previous attack pattern. Repeat this process to kill off the second form.

Third Form

The meteor parasite will change up the tactics for one final time once you have taken away two thirds of its life bar. In this battle the tentacles will be moved in a little closer to the head and there will be an added series of tentacles behind the boss head that will shoot at you. In this battle the bottom of the attack area is the safest place because only the heads flare spell will be able to hit you.

For this round you will still need to keep the blizzaga spell equipped. Basically what I do is wait at the bottom of the screen out of the range of the two tentacles and sub head portion. Position yourself in one area and wait for him to cast the flare spell. Wait until the head does a flip and move to avoid the flare attack and move toward the bosses’ head slightly (don’t rush all the way in where the tentacles can touch you. You only need a couple steps at best). Now quickly charge, target, and release the charged spell at the bosses head. You should land a blow which will damage the head and the two tencles since the radius of the spell is so great.At this point return to the southern-most edge of the battle area and get ready to dodge another flare spell, which should happen almost immediately. Side step the blast and then launch another spell at the head to repeat the process.

When you are at the southern end you can take the time to cast a heal spell on yourself after the flare attack if you happened to have taken damage from a previous run. Take your time and he will fall before long.


First Form

Raem is a pain because the extra enemies appearing will actually chase you around the battle area while you are engaging the boss.

First of all equip your strongest weapon because we will not be using ranged attacks for the final two bosses. The best tactic I found was to kill the larger of the two minions, one with the red eye, and then cast haste on my character.

At this point, while dodging the attacks of the main ream boss, I lure the blue minion to the bottom of the screen and coax him to take a swing at me. I do this by edging within his attack radius and then retreating before he get attack me. When this happens he will pause for a second or two which prevents him from tailing me too closely. At this time I run up to Ream and position myself in between his arms and swing away with my sword until my hp drop around 2 or 3 hearts or the blue minion starts to catch up to me and then I withdraw. At this time heal and then lure the blue minion back to the bottom of the screen to repeat the process. Be sure to take the time to caste haste on yourself when it wears off.

Second Form

The final form of Raem is mostly a dodging fest but there are some tactics which work pretty well on him. First of all, the most detrimental attack you need to watch out for is his ray attack which occurs when you are fighting the bottom sword half of the boss. This is the attack where he fires consecutive rays from his upper region and you are left to dodge the blasts the best you can. I would pay attention to the distinct charging sound he makes when he begins to charge up for the attack. When you hear the charging sound, begin running in one direction and watch for a pink ring to appear somewhere on the floor. Your goal is to be outside of this ring when he releases the blast and then immediately start running in the opposite direction to avoid another blast. I would wait until after his shooting spree to do any spell casting or offensive action. Eventually he will stop attacking in this manner. When he is not doing the beam I would hug as close as I could to the brown bottom vacuum section of the boss and position yourself on one of the sides. At this point you should slash away until he begins to siphon your memories away. When this happens, caste a cure spell on the floating bubbles to receive magicite. If you don’t already have some spare space in your inventory I would make some and start to stockpile a couple magicite shards for the upper half of the boss.

One you have been hacking away on the lower half for a while it will temporary disappear and the boss will be lowered into your attack range. Go you your sub screen and equip some magicite in a spare item slot to use and select this as the active slot. At this time I would run to the left and right waiting for ream to shoot at you. When he pauses after the attack run in front of him and use some magicite. This way if it is a spell it will hit him. What you are looking for is a random invincibility spell to come up from the magicite use, but at the same time you don’t want to waste spells. If you do get an invincibility spell you are set and can just stand in front of him and wail attack with your sword.

Otherwise you will be stuck landing a couple of blows with your weapon and then retreating to dodge another blast. If you don’t land enough blows and kill the boss the bottom half will regenerate in a short period of time and you will need to repeat the process. This is not a huge deal because all the damage you landing on the upper half stays and is cumulative.