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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - SMOKE THIS Beating Big Smoke with a Dildo

Air Date: August 13, 2010

In this video I defeat Big Smoke during the "End of the Line" Mission in San Andreas using only the dildo melee weapon. I also beat up his armed thugs the same way. This challenge was more of a dare than anything but proves it can be done. I labeled Big Smoke's weapion as an AK-47 because this is the weapon he uses against CJ during the battle, even though the cinema scene has him picking up a combat shotgun. To go with the silly mood of the video I dressed CJ in the craziest attire that I could think of. For anyone interested I believe he was wearing the "Gimp Suit", a leopard cowboy hat, a back rag for his face, a gold crowex watch, and a gold chain. He come across looking like a cross between a pimp and the lone ranger.