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Kingdom Hearts 2 - 100% Completion (Proud mode)

Air Date: June 14, 2009

In this run I complete Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 2 on proud mode. I achieve the full completion for the gummy routes as well as Jiminy’s journal. I show the acquisition of the final gummy block from the gummy course and then the final battles with Xemnas of the “nobody organization XIII” and his many forms. My main character is at level 96 when I start the final battle in case anyone is interested.

Hades Cup floor 49 Strategy

The most grueling part for me was the paradox hades cup but I found a great strategy for round 49 where you have to fight all four of the final fantasy characters. I was able to beat this round the first time while using this strategy with using any items.
Before the hades cup make sure you have a decent weapon and some good abilities equipped. Make sure you have one of your short cuts set to Magnera, Another one set to Reflect, one set to Curaga, and the last one set to any healing item you wish (I had Elixer – Although I did not have to use it for this battle.)

First of all do not lock onto any of the characters. The first one you will want to take out is Tifa. Watch for her she will be running toward you. You will want to separate her from the rest of the group and get her to come after you alone with the others behind her. If this is not the case jump and glide around the perimeter of the battle arena a couple of times. This will mix up the characters and get you out of any danger. Do this a couple of times until she is the front most character and a good distance away from the rest. Wait for her and when she gets close cast Reflect to throw the damage of her attack back on her. Back away from her and wait for her to run after you again and toss reflect up to damage her. When the others start to close in jump and glide around the perimeter of the area to reset the condition where she is separated from the rest. Tifa will go down after a couple of these attacks. If you run out of magic simply jump and glide around the perimeter of the area until it recharges.

Now that Tifa is out you are down to three. This part of the tactic will take a while and is tedious but will be an easy to knock off the other characters. Jump and glide around the area and listen to the other characters. You will hear Leon say “here goes” and then a couple seconds later you will see a fireball blaze past you while you glide. When this happens stop gliding and blindly cast Magnera. You will see the other life bars appear and a small chunk being taken away. You’ve landed a hit. Now jump up and complete the cycle again waiting for Leon to cast a fireball before you cast the spell again.

Glide is great for this battle because Cloud is the only one who can land a blow on you and that is only when he does his aerial omni slash – he will announce it so you will have a chance to expect it. You will also see him fly by a couple times when he is doing it. He will try to attack you three separate times while he is flying around. Most of the time, he will miss you while you are gliding. If he does happen to hit you, press the jump button to block and jump away from his combination and then continue your glide until he is finished.

Continue to glide around the perimeter of the arena casting magnera to chip away at their life bars until all the characters have only a small fraction of their last life bar left. I would save curing, unless you really need it, until your magic bar is close to empty. The last spell you cast is curaga and you are healed up while you glide around the arena waiting for it to charge. This is helpful incase cloud decides to perform his aerial omni slash while you are waiting for your magic to recharge.

After a while you will see Yufi’s life bar deplete because she only has two three life bars and then followed by Leon and Cloud. You will see this happening as you cast magnera. When this happens sneak your way into the fray and attempt to isolate a character to land the final combo blow. Once you do, back out and glide around the perimeter of the area – this has a tendency to move the characters to the center of the arena. Resort to gliding if you need to heal and gain your magic back or the other characters happened to get lucky with a blow or two.

The idea with this strategy is that you have the freedom to rest and heal by gliding around the perimeter of the arena and striking at your foes from a distance for the majority of the battle. It takes a bit of time but you will be comfortably safe for the most of the battle.

Horse Shoe Gummy Tutorial

With some viewer request I decided to show exactly how I created my gummi ship on kingdom hearts 2. I basicallt take you through the process from scratch and create the "Horse Shoe Gummy" and modify a Hawkeye1 teeny ship to create two accompanying ships.

To create this gummy ship you will need to do some preliminary item collection to gather the following items:

To create the two teeny ships you will need the required gummies to create two hawkeye 1 teeny ships plus:

With the teeny ships you will need to take off the two weapon gummies that are aklready on the hawkeye 1 models before adding the weapon gummies listed above.

Design Advantages: This gummi ship utilizes the donut ship principal where most shots will simple go right through the hollow center. It has rapid formidable firepower that monopolizes most of the screen making enemies easy to kill. There is a central canon to maximize damage on enemies right in front of you.

Design Disadvantages: This model does not have the required firepower to kill strong enemies in one shot, like the roller enemies on the ancient highway stage. For these issues I have designed a separate "Tank Gummy" model