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Kingdom Hearts 2 - Final battles and ending (Proud mode)

Air Date: May 17, 2009

In this run I complete Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 2 on proud mode. This shows the final battles with Xemnas of the “nobody organization XIII” and his many forms. My main character is at level 54 when I start the final battle in case anyone is interested. You will note that my final stats for game completion are not at 100%. I complete this feat later on and will show that video in the weeks to come.

Horse Shoe Gummy Tutorial

For those who are interested, I have recorded a tutorial on how to build my Horse Shoe Gummy ship shown in the video.

With some viewer request I decided to show exactly how I created my gummi ship on kingdom hearts 2. I basicallt take you through the process from scratch and create the "Horse Shoe Gummy" and modify a Hawkeye1 teeny ship to create two accompanying ships.

To create this gummy ship you will need to do some preliminary item collection to gather the following items:

To create the two teeny ships you will need the required gummies to create two hawkeye 1 teeny ships plus:

With the teeny ships you will need to take off the two weapon gummies that are aklready on the hawkeye 1 models before adding the weapon gummies listed above.

Design Advantages: This gummi ship utilizes the donut ship principal where most shots will simple go right through the hollow center. It has rapid formidable firepower that monopolizes most of the screen making enemies easy to kill. There is a central canon to maximize damage on enemies right in front of you.

Design Disadvantages: This model does not have the required firepower to kill strong enemies in one shot, like the roller enemies on the ancient highway stage. For these issues I have designed a separate "Tank Gummy" model