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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Final No Death Battle with Ghaleon, Ending, with Outtakes

Air Date: August 6, 2012

In this video I begin a couple chambers below where Ghaleon is encountered for the final time in the goddess tower. You’ll have to excuse the couple minutes I spend making final item preparations. This is a little more time consuming than it should be because I was a pack rat and pretty much maxed out my inventory, making item swaps more like tactical endeavors.

Once complete I go forth to battle Ghaleon and manage to do so without having any of my characters die during the battle. Basically it is not a hard thing to do since he clues you in on his next move(s) from his idle animation. I pretty much buff up Kyle and Alex’s attack power twice (once by their own boost move and another time via Mia’s Attack spell). After that they begin using their strong one enemy target moves to make the most out of the magic cost, while Mia casts her ice shield spell to boost everyone’s defensive capabilities. Jessica is the designated healer of the party and I have her start out by casting the saint litany for a constant HP regain per turn. After all the buffs are in place the battle assumes an auto pilot attack and heal pattern with certain moves designated to replenishing used Magic. I had Nash and Mia just use their Thunder bolt and flame bomb attacks since these seem to be the most economical choices for damage to Magic ratio in my opinion.

Ghaleon has one instant death attack that he uses in conjunction with his force field barrier. The thing to look for is Ghaleon tossing a purple ball in his hand. What I usually do is put up Alex’s white dragon protect spell during this move. The white dragon protect will negate the next magic spell, thus avoiding the impending death. The thing to keep in mind is to always have Alex’s magic above 60 magic point so that this spell can be cast at a moment’s notice. The force field that follows is nothing that about 1000 points of damage will defeat. Thanks to the two buffed fighters one round will take care of this.

After the battle I cross the bridge to Luna, playing the melody from Alex’s ocarina after receiving three warnings from the goddess. After this I let the ending of the game play through and include the game’s voice actor outtakes which appear at the tail end.