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Medievil - Zarok's Lair Battles and the good "Hall of Heroes" Ending

Air Date: June 22, 2012

This video picks up from the skull train dropping Sir Daniel Fortesque off in front of the the lair from the previous Time device stage. After a little praise from the gargoyle statue we enter the area where you must pick up the good lightening from the chest to your right. After that proceed to the center of the arena and prepare for three battles.

In the first battle you must run around like a medic and heal your fellow skeleton warriors with the holy lightning. This will use up a good amount of your energy but you will get it back upon the initial victory. The second battle ushers in Zarok’s Champion, Lord Kardok, which is pretty easy in itself. I basically ran, dodging his attacks, the whole battle and landing blows as he passed with a ranged weapon.

Once you get some comic relief from Zarok, he engages you in the final struggle. Once again, the best tactic was to continuously run away from him, attempting to keep him in camera view. When he spewed poison I would dart to the right or left to avoid the attack while continuing to run away. When he stopped from running I would turn about and land a couple blows before repeating the chase. When his life gets down to about a third or so he will start alternating between lightning attacks and standing still when he finishing running. I keep track of where he is in the rotating and throw spears when he is not floating around the room tossing lighting at me.

In this run I manage to get all 20 chalices before the final battle which nets you the extra hall of heroes ending segment.