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Metroid Tourian Level, Battle with Mother Brain, and Good Ending

Air Date: November 14, 2014

I dusted off this game after getting my Nintendo repaired and cleaned, still the same one I got back in 1989. This video picks up at the beginning of the final level of Metroid for the Nintendo. This game was initially started as a new game and I managed to efficiently make my way through the hideouts and such to achieve a time suitable for the good ending. Not bad for a first stab at it after decades. I didn't think about recording any footage until I got near the end of the game, perhaps I will do another play through where I will record the entire journey.

In this run I descend through the levels of Tourian, killing the Metroids in my immediate path to gather additional missile supplies that were depleted from the mini boss battles. The biggest pain is the final stretch where you have to blast away at the reviving life support tubes barring your path to mother brain. Those disk shaped enemies really give you are run for your money while you are trying to get shots off. I had six energy tanks so I had more than enough energy to make this happen without too much worry.

Upon getting to Mother Brain, I find that the best place to stage an assault is the last life support tube that you destroyed. This provides a nice close range firing point that is right in line with the jar's opening. You occasionally have to give up the platform to handle disk enemies homing in on your location but this seems to be the best place by far. I knew from previous playthroughs, performed when I was younger, that getting hit and tossed into the lava pit before mother brain is no fun. This is why I'd rather take the hit on the right landing instead.

After beating Mother Brain the time bomb is set and I begin the vertical climb to the final lift out of the planet. The ending is show with Samus sheading her suit of armor and waving at the end with the credits following.