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Ogre Battle - March of the Black Queen Limited Edition (World Ending)

Air Date: June 19, 2014

I have both versions of ogre battle march of the black queen from PlayStation and also the original super Nintendo. I guess I choose to complete the PlayStation version since I have not done so before - pretty much the same game although the super Nintendo version loads faster.

In this video I complete the final chapter "The Black God" aiming to liberate the Temple Shalina map. During this point in the game the empire has been defeated but you are pursuing Mage Rashidi and Gares who intend to revive diablo the god of destruction. I was able to recruit all of the high reputation optional party members into my army by this point. On my path toward the world ending I also have prince Tristan in my party along with the twelve zodiac stones, key of destiny, star of heros, the three mystic treasures, along with other items.

Before the battle I briefly show the statistics of the party until I will use in the upcoming map. This allows me to avoid the questions of how my wyverns are able to kill undead units with their equipped rune axes.

For this map I plan a direct assault where I will go after the boss in a full offensive with flying units, negating the need to defend my home base as I would in a prolonged assault. I also noted that my reputation meter is a single unit below the maximum rating, which is easily solved by having my high charisma leader unit liberate a single town near the home base.

This transitions into the tactics for this onslaught, which are drastically different than the ones I used on the other boards. First and foremost I plan to have four flying units deployed just encase things go sour even though my Saradin lich unit has enough power to handle it alone. In order to stager these units and allow Saradin the point position, I deployed Saradin First and then waited a couple seconds before bring out Rauny, and finally the other two units that would bring up the rear. After this was finished I used my main leader unit to liberate the town and then the mad rush was on.

After a series of battles I arrive at Gares, Rashidi, and finally diablo using only Saradin to defeat each foe within a series of single battles. In this rush I decided to utilize my tarot deck to make short work of the bosses and not lose a party member within the battles.

After the final liberation I let the world ending play through along with the credits.