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7th Saga Solo Run with Esuna Busy - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: December 10, 2016

Continuing my goal to solo the seventh saga with all seven characters my third journey would be completed with Esuna. After I load the game I go to the church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I also showcase my current level of 53 and character’s statistics.

Esuna kind of resembled Lejes to me because of her insane speed statistic. In addition, she one of the first I played that was opposite of the fighters. With her high magic stat she did not have an issue taking spell damage and instead had a weakness to physical attacks. This involved some early leveling to deal with enemies, Red Pison and the flames come to mind, but did well in the later game where magic would normally rip fighters to shreds. Because of her speed things played out a lot like Lejes’ run where she was able to dodge out of the way of most attacks and spells. I think this might be why she was able to push through the game easily and be able to defeat the final boss at level 53. Instead of physically attacking enemies, I had to utilize the ice spell since her weaponry did not evolve sufficiently until near the end of the game.

In the same manner as Lejes, Saro’s Cave wasn’t really too bad considering the awesome Vacuum 2 spell which was fairly useful against the S Demons and Undeed enemies in the cave. At this point her dodging ability made up for any weakness in terms of guarding, allowing me to utilize spells and then step away safely from most of the counter attacks.

When arriving at Gorfun Castle, I basically ran through his castle utilizing doorways to reset enemies, as in the other runs. A few random encounters aside I was able to arrive at the final boss with my inventory stockpile of healing resources intact.

I had to be careful with the final encounter with Gorsia because of Esuna’s weak guard defense but the extreme agility made her hard to hit. As before, I wanted to get my character’s agility and defense buffed before even thinking of the rune order. I had to wade through some of Gorsias attacks, countering most hits with healing, until I got enough breathing room to utilize a Defense 1 and a bottle of Agility. The agility boost allowed me to increase the chance of dodging attacks since one hit took a large part of my hit points, as seen in the video. With some necessary buffs, I start with the Wizard and Light Runes as usual to lower his barriers and resistance to the other runes. Since she faired so well I decided to pull out the Water rune next to half his hit points. Next we took away some of Gorsia’s offensive advantages with the Moon, Sky, and Wind runes, effectively diminishing his Attack, Magic, and Agility.

The assault phase began with the use of the last Star Rune to reduce his defense and a bottle of power to increase my attack. I basically guarded before attacking him physically to increase my attacking power, which collectively seemed to land more damage than my ice spells. However, if I took a hit and thought I would need to heal within the next attack, I decided to cast ice on him rather than wasting a round defending only to heal afterwards. The basic format seemed to be defend, attack, cast ice, and then heal for the most part. This tactic seemed to work well and he would fall in the end allowing me to see the ending and credits once more.