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7th Saga – Solo Run with Lejes Rimul - Final Battle and Ending

Air Date: October 6, 2016

At this point I decided I wanted to solo seventh saga with all seven characters. Once I had a good time completing the game as Olvan I had my wife pick the next character, Lejes, for my second run. After I load the game I go to the church to illustrate that I cannot use the heal spell because of my solo quest and the absence of a partner. I also showcase my current level and character’s statistics.

Lejes was a completely different experience than what I had expected since my previous play throughs were done with a physical fighter type of party. Lejes seemed to be a bit of everything, although most of the quest he was a physical fighter. One thing that surprised me was how fast his speed statistic increased during the quest. In a good number of battles, he was able to step out of the way of attacks and spells with an almost reliable frequency. Even though he lacked some of the better equipment he did come with defense 1 and power spells which I utilized to save one item usage.

Ironically one of the trouble points in the quest, Saros Cave wasn’t really too bad considering the awesome Vacuum 2 spell which was fairly useful against the S Demons and Undeed enemies in the cave. At this point his dodging ability made up for any weakness in terms of guarding, allowing me to utilize spells and then step away safely from most of the counter attacks. Some of the boss battles were a joke in general because of his insane speed. A lot of the fights resembled an old school “punch out” type of scenario with Lejes dodging blows like Little Mac. In fact, I managed to get to Gorsia at the relatively low level of 57. I basically ran through his castle utilizing doorways to reset enemies on the map encountering only a single group of Falocks. A single Vacuum 2 spell whittled the number down to one which I dispatched defending and punching.

The final Battle with Gorsia followed almost the same course as it did with the solo Olvan party but with some slight alterations. Before touching the runes, I waded through some of Gorsias attacks, countering most hits with healing, until I got enough breathing room to utilize a Bottle of Protection and Agility. Even though his agility was already high I wanted to increase the chance of dodging attacks since one hit took a large part of my hits points, as seen in the video. With some necessary buffs, I start with the Wizard and Light Runes as usual to lower his barriers and resistance to the other runes. Next I choose to lower his attack with the Moon Rune and then follow up with the Sky Rune to Reduce his Magic attacks. Next I choose to bring down his agility with the Wind Rune. At this point I utilized a Bottle of Protection since the next couple runes would be ushering us into the attack phase. Next his hit points and defense were halved with the Water and Star Runes. Since Lejes was very quick and protected, I was able to move out of the way from most attacks at this point. This was good because I had to resort to defending before attacking since his power was lower than most characters at this point. I got a couple extra breaks when he tried to cast death or petrification spells, due to my supply of mirrors and harps.

This bout was harder than Olvan’s but I managed to take him down in the end. Gorsia fell, allowing me to see the ending and credits once more.