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Soul Blazer - Final Battles with Death Toll and Ending (Lowest Level Run)

Air Date: May 11, 2013

Soul Blazer was another of my favorite games from back in the day and as it turns out the level 50 maxed out stats file was still active from the mid 1990's. However, the character I choose to complete this task is the level 24 one. Level 24 is the lowest level you can be at and still be able to swing the soul blade to defeat death toll.

I head to the palace of darkness with my soul armor, soul blade, phoenix magic (red hot ball, red hot stick, and red hot mirror), and invulnerable bracelet (located where the queen was standing in the 6th world where she gave you the VIP Card) equipped. Since I didn't die during this game I didn't have to worry about the magic bell because of my huge amount of gems accumulated during the journey.

Upon entering the place of darkness you encounter the first form of death toll where he teleports around the room throwing magic at your character. The first battle is pretty easy when using and brute force. I basically just swing away at him until he drops from the damage. After he is defeated and exchanges some dialogue the real death toll will appear.

I find the best thing to do is plan your assaults in between the laser blasts from his crystals if possible. These laser blasts are predictable and seem to occur after a certain interval of time. I try to be at one side of the screen when the crystals begin to glow, to release the lasers, so I can dodge to the other side when the blasts are lured low enough on the screen. I find it is better to dodge both lasers at the same time rather than trying to squeeze in between to them before they leave the screen.

After death toll fires off one volley I turn my attention to the blue flames. Using mostly the thrusting technique (crab walk) to save gems, I destroy three out of four flames and weaken the forth a little with a couple phoenix spells. At this point I wait for another volley of lasers to pass. Next I position my character to line up with death toll's horn on either side of his head, not dead center with his head. From this position, I quickly kill the last flame and start chucking phoenix blasts up at Deathtoll's horns in anticipation of his vulnerable window opening. The awesome thing about this is you can continue to attack him when he opens his mouth to spew the triple flame because the space beneath his horns is a safe spot from the blast. He cannot hit you at this position but all hits inflicted to his horns still register as damage to him. From this point repeat the same strategy of dodging the best that you can and landing blows whenever he opens that window. He will fall after several rounds.

I was breaking in a new controller during this video so my character's movement was a little stiff. I have to order third party controllers and they work fine once broken in, if that makes any sense.

After this battle I let the ending play through with the ending credits and epilogue.