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Super Ninja Boy Finishing game on Hard Mode with least amount of equipment and magic at level 31

Air Date: January 15, 2017

In this video I showcase the minimum amount of equipment and magic that can be obtained in order to complete the game on Hard mode. This makes the game a little more difficult than you might think at first and involves employing different tactics throughout the game. As an example, one of the completely passable characters is Notruedamus, which means you will not have the escape leaf spell or be able to escape from any battles that you cannot run from throughout the game. My advice would be to keep a few miracle points handy and break out the ninja cyclone if anything gets a little tough to handle. Also bear in mind you do not need the spider shoes or Microninja so bring along dragon eggs to float over chasms and through walls.

I begin the video by putting in my password to continue at the Cactus Village, near the end of the game. From here I showcase my current status and inventory before heading out on the final leg of the journey to vanquish Rub-a-Doc.

The battle with Rub-a-docs two forms was a little dicey since I was flirting with no defensive armor and a lower than normal level. He was pretty agile and it became a struggle to land blows as I came at him with my Thunder sword, which seemed to be the most effective attack I had next to the limited miracle ball moves and the fire punch. At this level he could land some serious damage ranging around 50 hit points per attack. The idea was to hope he perished before my limited supply of resources ran out, because I would not be able to survive long.

I was able to defeat him and return the marvel box back to Apax for the ending.

For those interested, I wanted to outline the mandatory equipment and magic that must be obtained to reach the end of the game.