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Grand theft Auto 3 - 100% Completion

Air Date: March 19, 2011

During this run I completed the entire game achieving 100% completion rating. In the video I show the final mission “The Exchange” as well as the final ending of the game. During this run I decided to back track to my safe house in Wichita gardens after escaping from Catalina’s Mansion. Another advantage is that the incline south of the safe house allows for a safer way to get to the lower road than up by the bridge where I usually flip my cartel cruiser anyway. The added assistance of the rocket launcher makes breaking through the vehicle barricades a lot easier too which will save you time in the long run.

Afterwards I show the final game statistics. You will notice that I did not get busted or wasted during the game and also had a perfect mission run. The number of mission attempts equals the total number of missions in the game.

I must say that the hardest missions had to be the off road missions especially the one with the top heavy Landstalker in the park. If anything would make you want to throw your controller it would be this one where the vehicle would roll over on its roof at the drop of a hat.