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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - 100% Completion

Air Date: March 5, 2011

In this video I finish the last “Sicilian Gambit” mission and complete the game achieving a 100 percent rating. After the ending and the twenty minutes worth of credits I show my statistics for those viewers who are interested.

Finishing this game wasn’t too bad in comparison to San Andreas and my only real source of frustration was getting used to the hair trigger controls for the RC car races. This drove me up the wall but the saving grace was the ability to restart your car from a previous check point as opposed to waiting for it to become dislodged from a wall or stopping it from doing a triple summersault landing.

Easy Way to get a Rhino Tank

Throughout my ventures I was able to steal a Rhino tank using a relatively safe method. The best place to set yourself up for the six star onslaught is the enclosed alleyway with open garages directly behind your safe house on Stanton Island (this is the same one with the bomb shop and pay and spray). The one advantage to making your stand here is if they start chipping away at your armor you can always run back around to your safe house and get your spare armor from the garage. All of your opponents will enter this area via the alleyway so you only need to focus on that one point. What I basically did was make sure I had a bunch of rocket launcher and m4 rounds. The beauty of these two weapons is that they are right next to each other in your inventory order so you can simply hit L2 and R2 to go back and forth without too much trouble.

Start out by peeking your head out of the alley way next to the bridge overlooking the river (this is the same alleyway that is walled on the right by the ramp you would use to get to the pay and spray). Start auto targeting any pedestrians with your M4 to get the stars appearing. If you run out of pedestrians you can manually target some cars too. Soon the police will come after you shoot at them too. If they manage to park too close to the alley way you can always run back into the alleyway towards the garages and shoot at their cars with the rocket launcher.

After a few seconds you will start getting helicopters to appear overhead. What I do is lure the chopper into the alleyway and then take cover in one of the garages. You can always duck back out after they are finished shooting and then take care of the chopper. The advantage here is that you will have a garage to protect you and walls around you to provide protection from a distance.

Once you blow up a chopper continue to shoot away at any cars coming from the alleyway. At this point you will probably want to stay close to your garage or in it and shoot rockets at the approaching cars, especially the FBI cars. You will only need to venture toward the alley once in a while to attract more cars to come down after you. Don’t get too close though.

Once you nuked enough FBI cars and choppers the sixth star will appear. At this point stay in the garage only leaving to lure OS barrack trucks into the alleyway. After you kill a few, a tank will start rolling down the alleyway after you. At this point leave the garage and walk about halfway up the ramp toward the pay and spray and stay close to the outer wall. The tank will stop and the soldiers will get out when they realize they cannot drive over you. Kill both of the soldiers quickly and jack the tank.

At this point your garage will be completely locked because of the six star wanted level. Cruise out of the alleyway toward the city and start collecting the various police brides while trying to avoid destroying any innocent vehicles the best you can. Rouge cars will ram you but as long as you just drive around and collect the stars your level will decrease gradually. Once you eliminate it or get it under control (2 to 3 star ranking), go back to the safe house in Stanton and remove the other vehicles from the garage and then park your tank. Save your game. It is now yours to use at will.