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GTA San Andreas - 100% Completion

Air Date: August 28, 2010

I successfully complete grand theft auto achieving a 100 percent completion of all the missions is the game. This video shows the final “end of the line” mission in its entirety followed by the credits. At the tail end I move through my stats for anyone who is interested in seeing my final stats.

I have to say that the most difficult portion of this accomplishment was some of the street races. Namely the “San Fierro Fastlane” race in San Fierro which puts you in the crappy alpha or the “Freeway” race in Los Santos.

Easy Way to get a Rhino Tank

Throughout my adventures I found an easy way to net a Rhino tank from area 69 in the desert. This method requires the jet pack to make this ten times easier. You get a jetpack after finishing the “Black Project” mission for the Truth. Once you have access to the jet pack equip it and fly south toward the restricted area. If you forgot to turn off the SAMs (surface to Air Missiles) during the “Black Project” you will need to fly very low or super run (press forward while holding x while equipping the jet pack). When you get close to the base slow down and creep your way to the left hand side of the base (the side facing Las Venturas ) staying well outside the perimeter to avoid triggering the instant five star rating period until you need to do so. The hill side beyond the dirt track, running along the perimeter of the base, is pretty safe. You should start to see many vehicles parked beyond a fence which include some barracks OS trucks and a helicopter. In the back ground you will also see a row of shelters with open doors beyond that. These shelters are the places where the tank in held. I used my snipe scope to get a closer view of the base from a distance.

When you think you are ready equip your jet pack and fly straight for the fence, achieving an altitude just high enough to clear the fence but low enough to avoid the SAM lock. Once over the fence you will get the full five stars but will be able to evade most soldiers just because of the speed of which you are flying. Hold forward on your controller while holding x to super run/fly to the shelters which will become more visible as you get closer. While you are doing this pay close attention for a tank to come into view. All you need to do is shed the jet pack when you reach the doorway of the shelter containing the tank and then just hop in and drive away.

The first thing you will need to do is save your game to reduce the current wanted level. The easiest place to do this is directly south to Fort Carson where you have a safe house, most likely purchased much earlier. If not you could continue to drive southwest to where Toreno’s ranch house is located, same place where you did the “Monster” mission as well as others. The idea is to drive on the roads, being careful not to flip the tank, and travel back to the safe house. Once there jump out and quickly bolt to the save house and save your game. This will take away your wanted level very quickly and allow you to go back to your tank and drive it to a suitable garage like the one in San Fierro.

Once this is done you are good to go. A tank makes the mandatory vigilante missions a walk in the park.