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Grand theft Auto Vice City - 100% Completion

Air Date: June 12, 2010

In this run I accomplish 100% completion after the final “Keep your friends close…” mission. I show the 99% before the final mission and the 100% and stats after the ending. This was not meant to be a speed run but I managed to do the entire thing in a little over 20 hours of game play which seemed to go by kind of quick. Also during this mission I decided to kill both Sonny and Lance Vance with a rocket launcher which seems to be the most efficient means of doing so.

I let my stats roll clear at the end to show the 100% as well as the rest of my times and such. As you may notice my version of the game has the glitch present for the “Trial by Dirt” and “Test track”, which kind of screwed me in a previous attempt at completion. You will notice that both scores are the same despite multiple attempts at each race.