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Xenosaga III –Completionist Run and Killing Zarathustra with a single buffed G-Shot special attack

Air Date: July 26, 2013

In this video I showcase my maxed out completionist team against the final boss of the game which can be killed with one buffed up skill attack. You will note we are not even using Erne Kaiser Sigma because the team is extremely buffed. I will be using Kosmos's G-Shot attack for this single attack which, after some slight buffing, will land a blow of over 72,000 HP which will take Zarathustra out with a single attack.

Before I begin the full description I feel I need to define a couple of things on what constitutes a completionist game for me. This means that all of the character and E.S. Special Attacks are at level 25, which is the maxed level. Any special attack which has a soul collection attached to it (Junior and Chaos) have absorbed 999 gnosis souls, even though their special attacks max out around 972 souls. I have obtained all of the skills for each character's skill line. In addition all the characters have their SP maxed out at 99,999. Unfortunately the Experience points gained stops accumulating once you get level 99 for each character so they are topped out around 98,000 or so.

Continuing with items and equipment, these have all been maxed out with the maximum amount found in the game. I do not include the items which can only be obtained through hacking devices because I do not believe in such devices, preferring to play the game as it was intended. Items, which can be stolen or purchased, will be topped out at 99 each unless there is a predefined limit such as the carnelian eggs (max 3) and the Traps (max 10). You will not that the three skill keys are not included simply because these were used to max out the character's skill line. Equipment, that expired after a certain chapter was finished, was procured before moving on which involved a lot of grinding for enough money to purchase 99 units, before they became phased out. In some cases only a few of each item existed, indicating they could not be obtained through purchasing or repeatable stealing / drops. I obtain the flawless and Allen's swimsuit by completing the game. I have a listing of all the collectables on separate pages to attempt to control the clutter. Use the links below to filter the results in a rudementary fashion (I need to put a database together but this will work for now).

Xenosaga 3 Perfect game List Guide

Finishing up, I also took the time to get all of the special quest items and quest dependent items. This included a 100% complete database and the completed segment file quests. My money after all purchases was maxed back out at 99,999,999. I guess the game time could also be included in this being maxed out at 999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. In reality the actual time to complete the completionist run was 1124 hours and 24 minutes. I took a tally after the timer maxed out for sheer curiosity.

Now that that is out of the way, the video follows, as mentioned above in the following format. I begin by defeating Zarathustra, obtaining the necessary amount of the character boost gauge amounts on my way there. Once that has been completed the ending plays through in its entirety. The final thing is loading the save state game to obtain the last two equip able items and basically providing a lengthy, exhaustive tour of my inventory and game stats.