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Deadly Towers No Death Long Play

Air Date: May 6, 2016

I play through the deadly towers game cartridge on my original Nintendo (NES) from start to finish without dying or passwords. I begin the video and proceed toward the dungeon secret dungeon which is located in the gray location, just past the dragon. On my way I take care to gather three heart containers increasing my overall life to 130. After getting the third container, located just beyond the start of the gray area after the first cliff that you can get knocked off of, I head back to the left to enter the dungeon located just above the entrance.

In this dungeon I take some time to grind the ball towers, I apologize for the boredom during these initial stages in advance. Before leaving the tower I obtain a shield, chain helmet, hyper boots, 2 orange scrolls, and six red potions.

Upon leaving the dungeon I head left and up into a green area to gather another heart container for 140 max hit points and then use an orange scroll to warp to the holy flame. From there I exit the area south into a gray area and enter another dungeon located over to the right not too far from our entry point. This dungeon leads to some more ludder grinding for leather armor and gloves.

From this point the game can begin where we focus on gathering the hyper armor, hyper helmet, and Kings shield in that order. These are found in the tower 3rd door to the left of the flame, tower 4th door to the right of the flame, a side trip to the 3rd door to the right of the flame for the magic mace to help us with the king shield room and also a first boss battle, and tower 2nd door to the right of the flame respectively. You also net another 5 heart container bringing the maximum to 190. I also like to utilize the second orange scroll after getting the helmet since it seems this parallel zone is more conducive to ghost ambushes than the previous one.

The next tower is the first door to the right of the flame where we get the double shot and dragon slayer to up our defense, another heart container, and a bell from the boss.

The last offensive upgrade to be found at the moment is the gauntlets located the 2nd door to the left of the flame. From here you might as well nab the heart container and get the bell from the tower.

At this point it might be worth it to return to the dungeon where we got our leather armor to invest in a green scroll priced at 123 ludder, which will be needed later once we burn all the bells and a green potion if we need one.

From this point on I just tackle the remaining towers, remembering to get the Cup (first door to the left of the flame) and the blue necklace (tower next to the bridge on the right side with the balloons). After felling all of the other tower bosses and burning the bells I visit the leather armor dungeon once more for some blue potions as insurance for the final battles. I utilize the green scroll to safely return the beginning of the game to deal with the final dungeon. This is located at the first door you come to going to the right with a goofy face above it, it was previously locked before.

Once inside I climb the staircases, equipping the splendor laying on the ground at the top and enter the final rooms of the game. Before Rubis you will have to fight a blue dragon and two large buffalo like heads. I kind of messed up the pattern on these during my play through but managed with the potions. In the final battle I equip the blue amulet, obtained earlier, to make my character invincible and just pelt away at Rubis until he dies. Then the ending and credits play through effectively ending the no death long play.