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Home Alone Gameboy - No Death Run - Long Play / Walk Through

Air Date: March 8, 2013

Wing 1 -- Gold and Valuables - 1:22
Wing 2 -- Toys - 7:08
Wing 3 -- Electronics - 17:02
Wing 4 -- Rare Pets - 28:36
Final Battle - 47:07

Okay, so right off the bat I know this is one of those games that most would consider near the bottom of the hit titles, but I think it has a unique playable quality to it from a gameplay standpoint. When I play this I just kind of forget about the whole movie it was based off of and just play it for its collect the items and puzzle solving standpoint.

With that said I managed to complete the whole game from start to finish without losing a single life. This is the game boy version of the game played on the super Gameboy SNES utility. This feat alone is not as easy as it sounds because of some unique glitches found throughout the game. One that comes to mind is killing the hat-throwing burglars with baseballs. If they are killed while their hat is in the air, most of the time the hall will remain fixed in place after they die, leaving you with a hard to avoid obstacle which will still harm your character.

By the end of the game I managed to amass a total of 20 lives and a score of 389,500. This was made possible by another glitch that occurs on level 3, the electronics wing. Here it is possible to collect ten extra items past the original quota. When an extra item is collected and deposited in the chute it will register as a plus and whatever amount of items you have. The issue comes into play when you collect 10 extra items past the quota and you get the +9 to turn to a +0, which technically should be ten items in tow. At the end of the stage the game gets confused I guess with the hexadecimal equivalent and starts to count back going through the A-F alphabet before it hits the single digits instead of just going from +0 to +9. In this manner you collect an extra six slices of pizza netting you enough for an extra guy that you might not have already obtained.

During this run I had the following totals in terms of extra item bonuses at the end of each wing: +4, +8, +10 (16 items see glitch), and +7.