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Mega Man 6 - No Death Walkthrough

Air Date: December 28, 2012

This walkthrough takes you through the entire Mega Man 6 game. I used the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the playstation 2 system. Basically I complete the game without dying once during the process. On four stages you are faced with a fake boss and the real boss whihc gives you a beat part if you defeat them. My walkthrough shows you the correct path to get all of these real bosses without the need to repeat any of the initial stages.

My chosen order to tackle the bosses are shown with the appropriate time occurence in the video:

Plant Man - 2:52
Falme Man - 7:31
Blizzard Man - 11:28
Tomahawk Man - 15:31
Yamato Man - 19:50
Knight Man - 23:19
Centar Man - 27:24
Wind Man - 31:29
Mr. X Stage 1 - 35:45
Mr. X Stage 2 - 40:03
Mr. X Stage 3 - 43:03
Mr. X Stage 4 - 48:08
Dr. Wily Stage 1 - 54:32
Dr. Wily Stage 2 - 59:12
Dr. Wily Stage 3 - 61:50
Dr. Wily Stage 4 - 67:19

The general strategy begins with taking on the Plant man stage to obtain the Plant B. and Rush Jet Adapter. Next comes Flame Man which nets you the F. Blast along with the Rush Power Adapter. Basically the Power and Rush Jet Adapters will allow you to gain access to all of the real boss paths in the stages that follow. The next stage takes care of Blizzard Man, equipping you with the B. Attack.

Tomahawk Man stage is the first one which has a decoy boss. About halfway through the stage, you will come across a part of the stage where the lower path is guarded by pits and armored robots that fly back and forth. At this juncture, you need to coax your way along the lower path with the aid of the rush jet to arrive at the real boss to obtain the Silver T. and Beat B-Part.

Following suit, the Yamato man stage requires you to make another path choice. This hidden path can be followed beginning at the breakable wall to the lower right of the first ladder encountered on the stage. Once you breach this wall you will need to continue along the path, using the rush jet to take the upper ladder and bridge the gap where the conveyor belts appear. With the rush jet adapter you will be able to cross the spring robot infested path and arrive at the real boss. Victory here nets you the Y. Spear along with the Beat E-Part.

Knight Man stage is the location where you will find the Knight C. and the Beat A-Part. To get to the real boss, progress through the stage until you see the first boss door shutter. Once you come across this there will be a breakable block in the middle of the room, allowing you to fall through the floor to the real door below.

Finishing up the decoy boss stages, the Centar Stage's real boss can be found towards the end where you will see an out of reach shutter that is blocked by time bombs. Using the rush jet you can bridge the gap and then safety disarm the bombs to proceed. For your troubles you receive the C. Flash and the Beat T-Part.

Finally the eighth robot stage is the Wind Man Stage which provides you with the W. Storm upon completion. I could proceed with further strategies on the Mr. X and Dr. Wily stages or go further in depth with the aforementioned stages, however the video can show the process better than I could describe it here.