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Parappa the Rapper Single Try Play / Walk Through

Air Date: September 25, 2011

Parappa the rapper single try play / walk through (Narration Free)

Stage 1 - I need to become a Hero (Chop chop master onion) 2:44

Stage 2 - You Guys Sit in the Back (Instructor Mooselini) 7:54

Stage 3 - My Dad's Gonna Bite Me (Prince Fleaswallow) 12:55

Stage 4 - Gauranteed to Catch her Heart (Cheap Cheap the cooking chicken) 18:43

Stage 5 - Full Tank (All four previous masters) 24:57

Stage 6 - I Gotta Believe (MC King Kong Mushi) 31:18

I play the whole entire Parappa game through from the start to the end without losing on a single stage, although I do come close on a couple times. I intentionally refrain from getting cool on any other stages so the viewer can see the whole story as it is including the rhymes. I include all the cinema scenes throughout the process.

My rapping is far from perfect on this run but this was more about fun than anything. I have to admit that the hit detection leaves a lot to be desired in this game. Also, like all of my other videos, this is a narration free play through. Enjoy.