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Strider No Death Long Play

Air Date: July 7, 2015

In this video I complete Strider on the original Nintendo Entertainment System console without dying from the beginning to the end. I have also chosen to collect all of the items on this play through which include the attack boots in China, which I would have to say I use the least. A thing to note is that strider's jumping ability is very erratic which makes doing the couple mandatory triangle jumps in Egypt a nightmare. Normally I can get this in a couple tries without any troubles but it would seem that drinking makes this a little trickier as seen in the video. What can I say except, that I have done better and I also worse on these sections.

I have also provided timestamps below to each of the stages in the game just encase a viewer might want to skip to different areas of the play through.

Kazakh (First Trip for Disks 1 and 2) -1:52
Egypt (Aqua Boots and Key 2) – 7:00
Kazakh (Second Trip for Disk 3 and Kain) – 13:43
Japan (Plasma Shot Upgrade and Disk 4) – 16:40
China (Fight Kain before trip, Magnet Boots) – 19:21
Kazakh (Third Trip for Key 4) – 21:42
China (Second Trip for Attack Boots, First Zain Weapon Fight, and Key 3) - 25:36
Kazakh (Fourth and Final Trip for Second Zain Weapon Fight and Disk 5) - 30:28
Africa (Third Zain weapon Fight and Disk 6) – 33:24
Los Angeles (Mr Clay Fight and Key 5) – 37:48
Australia (Fourth Zain Weapon Battle) – 39:46
Red Dragon ( Mini-boss battles, Matic, and Yugdegiral ) – 41:59