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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game Single Player Long Play

Air Date: January 19, 2015

In this video I complete a single player game of teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 for the Nintendo entertainment system from start to finish without using a continue. This was completed without any cheats or the extra lives code. For those viewers who only want to see certain portions of the video I have included timestamps below for each of the stages:

Scene 1 - 0:38
Scene 2 - 4:42
Scene 3 - 13:35
Scene 4 - 22:04
Scene 5 - 27:30
Scene 6 - 34:17
Scene 7 - 41:16

During this run you will notice a couple tactics that I use that work across several different types of enemies and bosses. I like to utilize chained jump kicks on bosses which retort quickly. I normally try to stay in the air and aim for the tips of their shoulders so I land a hit and am clear enough from their counterattack to become airborne again. This is good for the rock soldier bosses and even Krang to a certain extent. It also helps with annoying stage enemies like the spear and dynamite throwing foot soldiers.

If you modify the chained jump kick tactic slightly, you can aim for the mid section of the polar bear boss at the end of scene 3 and get him into a frenzy if you catch him near the center of the screen. You will land one hit and he will immediately try to bolt to the other side. If you are quick enough you can him again to change the direction and land a couple easy hits. I like to bate him in the middle of the screen for the most part but he also leave himself open once he throws an ice block at you from the sides.

With Rocksteady and Bebop I normally wait until they fire their weapon and take advantage of that opening. On Rocksteady, I just jump kick him until he pulls out his gun and then bate him to fire horizontally. As soon as he does, I perform a quick drop kick and then leap away for the next opportunity. Beebop is simple since he can only fire horizontally. Both occasionally like to rush you so be on guard for that attack and stay in the air when they ram at you.

Baxtor Stockman has two forms which are tackled differently. The first machine form lends itself to continuous jump kicks which will also keep you from the mousers he drops. The fly form likes to fire two energy bursts and then he swoops down to strike. I like to leap over the first volley and his second volley will go over the turtles head. Then I like to utilize the jump and strike move when he swoops in for the strike. From there you can either return to the same pattern or land a couple more jump kicks while he is stunned to back him away.

The final battle with shredder leads itself to a jump kick loop as he changes place with his dopple ganger clone. In this circumstance I try to lead the enemy and land a jump kick after he swipes with his sword to avoid being hit. I normally leap back and forth jump kicking each until a helmet falls off of the clone. From this point on the clone cannot do shredders instant death lightning attack so I tend to leave him alone and continue to drop kick the real shredder. If the real shredder suddenly breaks off to the side immediately follow and get behind him to avoid the lightning attack. If the clone breaks away you can just drop kick away on the real shredder without any problem. Once both have lost their helmets kill off the clone and take care of shredder because he cannot create any further copies of himself.