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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - No Death Long Play

Air Date: December 20, 2014

In this video I rev up teenage mutant ninja turtles for the original Nintendo entertainment system console. I complete the game from the beginning to the end without using continues or getting a turtle captured.

For viewers who wish to skip to different portions of the video, I have provided some timestamps to each of the six missions:

Stage 1 (Save April) – 1:15
Stage 2 (Save the Dam) – 3:38
Stage 3 (Rescue Splinter) – 9:10
Stage 4 (Get the Turtle Blimp) – 23:40
Stage 5 (Finding the Technodrome) – 33:59
Stage 6 (Final Battle with Shredder) – 46:47

The video covers most of the tactics used in the game. Most the tactics I devise in this video are preparation for future stages which begins in the third Stage. At this point in the game I start stocking up on scrolls with the anticipation that we will be going the distance. I get 10 missiles to blast through the multiple barricades and deal with the steam rollers and then progress toward the end of the stage taking a pit stop at the scroll building, located after the second barricade. I go through the building, get the scrolls, fall into the sewer to take me back outside, and then repeat.

These scrolls will be useful in quickly disarming the Technodrome, the strong enemies in the underground of Area 4, the white space suit soldiers in the narrow stretches of the Technodrome corridors, and finally shredder. I choose to give the majority of these to Donatello who is my primary tough enemy handler and the one chosen to fight the final battle.

In Area 5, I normally luck out and get the Technodrome to appear the first or second sewer that I explore. Luck was not with me this turn so you get to see how I deal with each of these locations. The good thing is that you can always replenish your energy at the single building in the middle of the over world if the chosen sewer happen to get the best of you. Scrolls help on these strange types of enemies which have a lot of hit points.
The most annoying part of the Technodrome battle is the port where a continuous supply of foot soldiers will spawn. I choose to use a couple of scrolls to destroy this port as soon as possible. The Technodrome has a small glitch that occurs most of the time when you strike the final blow when standing on the tank treads. In the animation you will run to the left and then jump into the Technodrome. At this point you will take a block of damage from the deactivated tread as you leap off of it. If this happens and your turtle dies you will be taken to the character select screen where the game will freeze causing you to have to reset. This is the reason why I like to deal the final blow while standing on the ground with a ranged projectile instead.

In the final run to shredder you will have to swap out turtles as they become damaged from the white space suit soldiers. This is the portion where the scrolls come into place. If you are down to Donatello just spam scrolls as you progress to destroy the enemies. When you reach shedder switch to Donatello and activate any remaining scrolls. The basic tactic is to go after shredder with scrolls and not let him get a change to attack. He will appear on the upper left platform to begin the battle. At this point I go down to the lower right corner and try to knock him off with a couple scroll blasts, knocking him down into the left corner of the room. From there I just spam away with the scrolls until he is defeated. During this run however he was stubborn and died on the upper platforms.

After the battle, I let the short ending play through.