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The Legend of Zelda - 3 Heart Challenge First Quest

Air Date: June 29, 2008

In the nintendo version of the legend of zelda I complete the game, including killing Ganon, with only 3 hearts of life. This challenge also limits your charatcer to only having the wooden sword. This was done without any saves or continues and without dying.

I provide the entire walkthrough for viewer consideration. Some points of interest are level 1, level 6, and level 8. In level 1, I defeated the aquamentus from behind with bombs and stood right in front of the door to the triforce room so I could bypassing getting the heart container. They seem to place this right in your way and this is the only way to advance without collecting the heart container.

In level 6, you get to see some of my favorite tactic when dodging those pain in the ass wizrobes. I like to use the like-likes as bunkers to hide underneath while I wait for the wizrobe to come within swtriking or bomb range. Itys a pretty crafty tactic which only costs a half a heart and your big shield if you have one equiped. This is sometimes the best course when two good hits will kill you.

Level 8 was a different beast. I took the time to get the magic wand in level 6 so I could use it in close combat with the blue darknuts. It acts much like a white sword without the long distance striking power. The magic wand also helps put the gleeok in its place quicker.

I also think I might have found a safe place in Ganon's room. Not sure about this so I'll have to try it again and see if I am correct.