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The Legend of Zelda - 3 Heart Challenge Second Quest

Air Date: July 19, 2008

I complete the second quest of the Legend of Zelda with only three hearts of life. This challenge includes getting all the pieces of the triforce, defeating Ganon, and rescuing princess Zelda. In addition, I did not use any warping, continues, or saves of any kind. This is a no death walkthrough of the entire process.

I was finally able to test out my safe spot hypothesis that I discovered during my battle with Ganon in my original Legend of Zelda 3 hearts challenge walkthrough, for the first quest. I was able to verify that a relatively safe spot does exist in Ganon’s room. If you run to the right side of the room and position yourself just above the lower right statue, you can face toward the left and most of Ganon’s energy blasts will pass right by you. All you need to do is just continuously strike with your sword and you will be able to get the best of him with minimal damage. This spot helps out because you must land fifteen blows with the wooden sword to stun Ganon for the silver arrow to take effect.

You will notice that I make a bee-line for the magic wand after I get the first piece of triforce from level one. The magic wand doubles as an equivalent of a white sword for close quarter combat. This is useful against gleeoks and darknuts.

In the final level, I decided to go after Ganon without getting the red ring for some extra challenge.