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Totally Rad No Death Long Play

Air Date: September 12, 2015

I play through the entire video game without losing a life on my original Nintendo console, which I got from Santa back in 1989. In this video you will be able to see the strategies used on the various bosses along with any advantageous character morphing spells that assist. Normally I discuss the strategies against the bosses but I think the video, in this case, speaks for itself.

In the beginning of stage one I show the spot in stage one where you can get an infinite loop of easy enemy kills from a spawning point for the green soldiers. Since 50 enemy kills nets an extra life you can see where this could come into play especially for beginner players. I found this place by accident when I first started playing the game. In the spot where the second green soldier spawns you can position your character to where he continuously comes on the screen from the right. If you had patience or a turbo controller you could continuously fire without getting hit. In the video I pause there for a couple of kills to show the spot in action before proceeding.

For those viewers who only want to see a particular spot I have included timestamps for the various acts and stages below:

Act 1 - 1:47
Act 2 - 8:03
Act 3 - 14:51
Act 4 - 20:13
Act 5 – 26:18