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Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete - First Ending

Air Date: August 24, 2012

The first ending occurs when you fight and defeat all four forms of Zophar in Zophar’s keep (yes I am counting the mock battle where Lucia is absorbed as a separate battle). I saved just outside of the door before the final battles and just reequip people briefly beforehand.

You will notice that I always start out each battle with the same strategy of spreading out everyone so the area ranged attacks and spells will only hit one person instead of many. I also have Ronfar as my primary healer with jean as a fall back because she has her turn before anyone else. Hiro, Jean, and Leo are my primary attackers because of their strength and multistrike attacks. Lemina is always the stat buffing unit for other characters unless she is activating a new wave of white dragon protect. When she is not doing either, I have her launching forth the catastrophe spell. Normally I let Leo self buff and join in the fun, although he is often reserved to passing out star light and magic orbs.

The first battle isn’t too bad because you can just pelt away at Zophar trying to be conservative for the future encounters. Hiro’s triple strike works very well after a couple attack ups. The rest of the party members just need to upkeep everyone’s health and buff up the attacking members.

One Zophar is vanquished he will absorb Lucia ushering out his multi-arm second form. A force field is erected in this battle so you can only harm the two hands closed to your part members. I basically take this time to spread out my members and increase their stats for the next phase. Once Lucia has spoken to you for a good five, or six, rounds she will break free from Zophar’s chest cavity and restore your party to prepare for the third battle.

The third form of Zophar is now up to bat and all of the arms will be unveiled for you to attack along with his head. During this time I started to make use of the white dragon protect and wage a defensive battle rather than an all out assault because he gets five attacks to your every attack round. I just start by hacking away at the outer arms working my way inward, but utilizing Jean’s Blue Dragon Fist to get a hit on all parts. Lemina’s catastrophe spell also is a good assault spell to throw out there if Zophar took it easy on you during one round. I realize that you do not have to take out all arms but I wanted to stick it to Zophar after the hellish battle he put me through.

Finally Zophar comes back for one last battle with Hiro and Lucia for a forth form. This form is pretty weak and he went down with just a couple rounds. I was expecting a longer run for the final form. After this the end plays through and hints at a second epilogue ending.